Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A few Video at Newcastle, UK in 2014

Assalamualaikum everybody,

I just knew how to upload a video through youtube to my blog!!! Pity me! hahahah anyways, that's a new knowledge that i gained from the bengkel laman web in last week at my faculty... so lets try it out...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Trip to Fish Quay, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hi Assalamualaikum wbt..

A few pics when we were in UK, there was a picnic time at Fish Quay, North Shields, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

First car seat in our new 'old car'.... :P

He didn't like to sit on it at the beginning but then he behaved very nicely.. "Abang is always a teacher to her lil sister!" mommy said..

Watching pigeons flying everywhere.

a 4 year-old son and a 2 year-old daughter.

Smily hani smile!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Nasi Mandy Kambing Yaman

Assalamualaikum wbt

Staying abroad, far away from home country make me feel really missed our local food esspecially the food that i have no idea to cook myself, and must get it from my beloved kampung...such as nasi dagang, keropok lekor, laksam, mee hun sup campur n macammacam lagi la. If i were to list everykind of food that i really want to eat, there will no enough space to write... hahha... time nak tulis ni la lupa nama makanan yg teringin sgt tu...

Here, everyday i have to cook for family, from a very simple dish to a very complicated dish that i like to make it in my kitchen. Whether you feel rajin or not, tired or not, you have to do it everyday because life in so-called 'not your country' is definitely not so easy. Every time you wanna buy food to fèed your children, you will count on your money/allowance that receive from your funder, whereby it is too limited. A lunch meal normally will cost you around £5 per person, so can you imagine how much do i need to spend for food if i choose not to cook for one fine day?

{Then, there is a must to plan our financial in a smart way so that £1012 will be enough to support all expenses includes accommodation that currently cost me £500. Hahhah bila dah sampai sini baru rasa nyesal and everyday i asked myself why i come here? Why?? Then i heard a 'voice' whispered me.. 'you come here not to live a pleasure life but you come here to learn your life, to gain knowledge and to get your dreamed PhD. Dont turn back and just go for the goal.'

Hermm...ini la padahnya when i had a very thick nescafe this evening.. i cannot sleep even though i feel super tired after one day having a twinning celebrations, hari raya and merdeka day in newcastle.

Alamak.. actually i wanna write about nasi mandy kambing yaman ni tp dah melencong plak cerita psal bende lain. This food actually made by my husband, si drebar lori tu... i can't remember how many times he had made this such delicous food, but this food really made us crazy of eating in a big volume. Aduhhaii.. both of us (to be exact four of us includes amar n hani) mmg hantu lamb. Here, lamb is quite cheaper and we almost bought it everyweek. Hantu kambing.. huhuu
My husband have tried a few recipes of nasi arab from google but we find out that this recipe gave the best taste. It is from dapur kak Azie Kitchen. The original recipe was using chicken for the dish, but i changed it to lamb since we like this poultry rather than chicken.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

First Day at School


My first day at school was in 7 April 2014 (monday). A registration day. Some photos at my uni taken last week. These pics were deleted by my Hani, but then i managed to retrieve from my dropbox camera backup. alhamdulillah.. dapat blk gambar2 tu


This is the university where i have registered as a full time postgraduate student Last 2 weeks. Alhamdulillah.

My school in Merz Court.

My new student card. Officially i am a student!!! I can't believe it untill now! The preparation of getting here is hurt hokey. It was started one year ago for me to be here today.. it is not an easy thing to be done man!! Trust me it is a damn hard work with PRAYERS, EFFORTS, MONEYS, TEARS, and DOA DOA DOA SOLAT SOLAT SOLAT TAWAKAL kepada Yang Esa! Only Allah swt knows how i feel that time. Alhamdulillah ...   syukur kepada-Nya, dengan izin -Nya sampai jua aku di sini. Alhamdulillah.

my workstation at school as well. ;D
Doa diiringi bersama harapan dan cita-cita. semoga tercapai impian suci ini.. ameen

me myself in front of intu elden square at newcastle city centre...hehheh

keeping all these photos in this blog is purposely for my children when they grown up in future. just for a memory to remember. Peace!

Flying to Newcastle, United Kingdom

Assalamualaikum wbt

It has been 4 months since my last entry in this 'ignored-blog', pity her. I was so busy along this period as there were a lot things to do to ensure everything is in the right place before i leave. It was unlikely a never-ending process that i couldn't manage to finish it myself. Had to get help from others around..huhuu

Traveling to UK on last 2 weeks (6 April 2014) was my 1st experience flying to other continents for almost 24hrs in flights. It was tiring with unwell babies traveling together. I flew by etihad flight to abu dhabi (auh), transit for 4 hours (supposely 2 hrs) then flew to amsterdam (ams) and from ams to newcastle (ncl) both by KLM. I felt that etihad flight is more comfortable than KLM honestly. Fortunately my Hani was sleeping all the way in KLM flight to AMS . So it has "shorten" then our flight hours in the flight.

We were shocked when we just landed at Abu Dhabi for transit, i received an email from Etihad telling that the flight from Amsterdam (AMS) to Newcastle (NCL) is cancelled. Nasib baik abu dhabi's airport wifi has a good signal to access internet. The boarding gate was not opened even the boarding time has been passed. The flight should be at 2.50am (abu dhabi's time). We were really worried then my husband went to Etihad counter asking about the delay and the cancelled flight. The Etihad personnel gave new boarding pass for flight AMS to NCL together with 4 McDonald dinner vouchers for the delay compensation. Ouchh... ruginye... we already bought 2 dinner sets at McD. And we already fulled at that time. Tu pon xde selera sgt nak makan sbb dh start jetlag. Then i was thinking that is why the flight to ncl being cancelled.

Ok. Since my Hani has deleted oyr pics during the flights coming to uk, then i just put the pic of my walking way from uni to city centre.. quite nice huhh..

ok..it is now 02:24. Am gonna sleep now. today is saturday so i nk masak nasi lemak  after wake up from sleep. I only have a few hours to sleep.. oh ni gara2 td dh tidur kejap n bgn mkn megi n minum cofee.. k la.. esok nk story telling lg since i just install blogger apps in my phone. it's easy to write daily things have been done....huhu Bye bebeh

Friday, December 27, 2013

Snow Cheese Cake


Apa khabar semua.. fuh fuh... dah berhabuk blog adikros ni. Lama sangat tak hapdet. So hari ni I nak update kek snowcheese yang menjadi kegilaan ramai nih... org buat i nak buat jugak.. sebab selalu sangat order dengan kak Mas ni.. so kene la try buat sekali... Ini pun berhempas pulas.. petang semalam balik kerja awal sikit, then bakar kek cepat2... lewat ptg baru anak2 balik dari rumah babysitter.. so by the time kanak2 tu sampai rumah ibu dah settle bakar kek.. kalau tak, konpem dapat pembantu percuma and ibu akan semakin kelam kabut duk melayan kerenah depa..

Sebenarnye kemarin masa cuti cristmas dah bakar kek ni tp lupa nk buh ovalette so kek bantat... adoii... bahagian atas je boleh makan.. (n sangat sedap... yakni birthday boy dah abiskan bahagian atas tu masa kek tgh panas lagi) hehhe so repeat baking la nk siapkan jugak birthday cake ni.

Then before subuh tadi bile kanak2 riang masih diulit mimpi, ibu pun menjalankan projek mendeko kek birthday yg tak seberapa ini... dan ini la hasilnye.... hehheheh

First time ni buat snow cheese cake yang ade cheese parut halus2 ni...hehheh eksaited you

Boleh la for beginner

Abah, Happy birthday to you.... love love love from ibu, along and adik...

Hemmm kene asah skill mendeko lagi.. kasi kemas sikit mek..

Ni la rupa sponge cake yg baru je keluar dari oven after 1hr baking... pastu die lembik bile sejuk... so i bakar lagi setengah jam... 

melting... yummy2... 


Ni ada kat bawah... 

Sumber: Mas Duniaku


6 biji telur ayam (buang 2 putih telurnya) 
100 gram gula halus
100 gram tepung hong kong ( blue key superfine boleh juga ) - akak guna self raising flour 
60 gram tepung jagung (maizena)
50 gram air sejuk  ( dari peti ais )
1 sudu teh baking powder - tak letak
2 sudu makan ovelet
75 gram mentega  ( dicairkan )
izah tambah esen vanilla 

Untuk Krim
1 kotak cream cheese philadelphia
1/2 tin susu pekat manis - izah letak sekadar manis pada selera 
** ( satukan kedua bahan & putar sehingga tidak berketul-ketul )

Untuk Topping
1/2 kotak kraft cheddar cheese (parutkan) 
 ** Dicadangkan parut halus supaya kek tidak muak ketika dimakan

Masukkan semua bahan-bahan kecuali mentega cair dan putar.
Putar dengan kelajuan sederhana sehingga pekat & putih.
Akhir sekali masukkan mentega cair. Putar lagi sehingga sebati dan pekat.
Sediakan acuan yang telah dialas dengan kertas minyak atau yang telah disapu dgn sedikit butter.
Bakar dalam acuan dengan menggunakan api atas dan bawah selama 45 minit ke 1 jam, dengan kepanasan 150°C. ( * izah  bakar kek menggunakan kaedah waterbath ).
** Diana pula bahagikan adunan kepada 3 bahagian dan bakar menggunakan api atas dan bawah.
Bila sudah masak biarkan sejuk. Bila dah sejuk, ambil pisau kek dan potong di tengah-tengah kek supaya menjadi dua bahagian. ( * izah potong kek  menggunakan benang ).
Sapukan krim cheese di atas separuh kek tadi, kemudian letakkan sebahagian lagi kek di atasnya.
Sapukan lebihan krim cheese sehingga menutupi seluruh kek.
Akhir sekali taburkan cheese kraf yang telah diparut tadi keseluruh kek sebagai toppingnya.
Masukkan dalam peti ais dalam 1 - 2 jam. Lepas tu baru potong.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tart Nenas Gulung Raya 2013


Tart nenas gulung... satu satu nya biskut raya yang saya buat tahun ni. Jem nenas pon homemade okay...
Ok malas nk cakap banyak... masih guna resepi terdahulu... dekat page ini.

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