Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flying to Newcastle, United Kingdom

Assalamualaikum wbt

It has been 4 months since my last entry in this 'ignored-blog', pity her. I was so busy along this period as there were a lot things to do to ensure everything is in the right place before i leave. It was unlikely a never-ending process that i couldn't manage to finish it myself. Had to get help from others around..huhuu

Traveling to UK on last 2 weeks (6 April 2014) was my 1st experience flying to other continents for almost 24hrs in flights. It was tiring with unwell babies traveling together. I flew by etihad flight to abu dhabi (auh), transit for 4 hours (supposely 2 hrs) then flew to amsterdam (ams) and from ams to newcastle (ncl) both by KLM. I felt that etihad flight is more comfortable than KLM honestly. Fortunately my Hani was sleeping all the way in KLM flight to AMS . So it has "shorten" then our flight hours in the flight.

We were shocked when we just landed at Abu Dhabi for transit, i received an email from Etihad telling that the flight from Amsterdam (AMS) to Newcastle (NCL) is cancelled. Nasib baik abu dhabi's airport wifi has a good signal to access internet. The boarding gate was not opened even the boarding time has been passed. The flight should be at 2.50am (abu dhabi's time). We were really worried then my husband went to Etihad counter asking about the delay and the cancelled flight. The Etihad personnel gave new boarding pass for flight AMS to NCL together with 4 McDonald dinner vouchers for the delay compensation. Ouchh... ruginye... we already bought 2 dinner sets at McD. And we already fulled at that time. Tu pon xde selera sgt nak makan sbb dh start jetlag. Then i was thinking that is why the flight to ncl being cancelled.

Ok. Since my Hani has deleted oyr pics during the flights coming to uk, then i just put the pic of my walking way from uni to city centre.. quite nice huhh.. is now 02:24. Am gonna sleep now. today is saturday so i nk masak nasi lemak  after wake up from sleep. I only have a few hours to sleep.. oh ni gara2 td dh tidur kejap n bgn mkn megi n minum cofee.. k la.. esok nk story telling lg since i just install blogger apps in my phone. it's easy to write daily things have been done....huhu Bye bebeh

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