Monday, September 1, 2014

Nasi Mandy Kambing Yaman

Assalamualaikum wbt

Staying abroad, far away from home country make me feel really missed our local food esspecially the food that i have no idea to cook myself, and must get it from my beloved kampung...such as nasi dagang, keropok lekor, laksam, mee hun sup campur n macammacam lagi la. If i were to list everykind of food that i really want to eat, there will no enough space to write... hahha... time nak tulis ni la lupa nama makanan yg teringin sgt tu...

Here, everyday i have to cook for family, from a very simple dish to a very complicated dish that i like to make it in my kitchen. Whether you feel rajin or not, tired or not, you have to do it everyday because life in so-called 'not your country' is definitely not so easy. Every time you wanna buy food to fèed your children, you will count on your money/allowance that receive from your funder, whereby it is too limited. A lunch meal normally will cost you around £5 per person, so can you imagine how much do i need to spend for food if i choose not to cook for one fine day?

{Then, there is a must to plan our financial in a smart way so that £1012 will be enough to support all expenses includes accommodation that currently cost me £500. Hahhah bila dah sampai sini baru rasa nyesal and everyday i asked myself why i come here? Why?? Then i heard a 'voice' whispered me.. 'you come here not to live a pleasure life but you come here to learn your life, to gain knowledge and to get your dreamed PhD. Dont turn back and just go for the goal.'

Hermm...ini la padahnya when i had a very thick nescafe this evening.. i cannot sleep even though i feel super tired after one day having a twinning celebrations, hari raya and merdeka day in newcastle.

Alamak.. actually i wanna write about nasi mandy kambing yaman ni tp dah melencong plak cerita psal bende lain. This food actually made by my husband, si drebar lori tu... i can't remember how many times he had made this such delicous food, but this food really made us crazy of eating in a big volume. Aduhhaii.. both of us (to be exact four of us includes amar n hani) mmg hantu lamb. Here, lamb is quite cheaper and we almost bought it everyweek. Hantu kambing.. huhuu
My husband have tried a few recipes of nasi arab from google but we find out that this recipe gave the best taste. It is from dapur kak Azie Kitchen. The original recipe was using chicken for the dish, but i changed it to lamb since we like this poultry rather than chicken.

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