Monday, May 27, 2013

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Kek Lobak Merah)

Hai Assalamualaikum...

For the first time baking this kind of cake.. it was a carrot cake, ladies! even though the appearance is not that good, but it's taste was not so bad. Hahaha... Since i just finished my english test last saturday, still i am in the english mood today.. hahaha don't feel annoyed. I decided to write this entry in english language. My wording is not so bad right, am i? in fact, i expected to score at least band 6.5 average to qualify me for university application in my furthered study coming soon.

By the way, i baked this carrot cake a few month ago. As i am a busy working mommy with two kids, i don't have much time to spend updating this blog. Most of my day time are spent at workplace. after office hour, it's already 6pm! don't have much time to do other things else, as i must be hurry to fetch my kids up from babysitter's house. Oh one more, need to buy food for the brother prior picking them to home. Arrived home, need to feed up my baby before get to shower. Oh no... i was so tired.. Only Allah knows how i feel that time. the elder brother keep asking to get him the vitagen and something else to eat, while the baby crying so loud. This situation happen when the husband is not around (outstation)... filled with stress in my head. OK. I need to stop talking and writing things that i believe also happen in other career mommy, right. Okey, we move on.....

This is how my cake looks like. I am not very good in decorating cakes, in fact this is my first time playing with the cake deco stuff. So please do not expect a good decoration. HAhahha

How it looks like? 

Just before hand it into the oven.

Fresh and hot from the oven.

With cream cheese frosting.. mak aiii susahnye nak buat

Why the texture and the color not as i always ate? is it because of cinnamon powder that  reaching the expiring date? tu la simpan lama lama lagi.

Ok..laa... lain kali kalau nk buat, buat sikit je... nanti tak habis.

About the recipe i used for baking this cake is actually from Kak Noor Masri Dapur Digital
Thanks alot kak Noor Masri.   

Bahan-bahan Kek Lobak Merah:
2 cawan tepung superfine*
2 camca teh baking powder*
1 1/2 camca teh soda bicarbonate*
1 camca teh garam halus*
2 1/2 camca teh serbuk kulit kayu manis*(*disatukan dan diayak)
4 biji telur gred "A"
1 1/2 cawan minyak jagung
1 cawan gula halus - resepi asal 2 cawan (manis sgt bg akak)
2 1/2 cawan parutan lobak merah, perah sedikit airnya
1 cawan nenas dalam tin, toskan dan cincang kasar
1/2 cawan kelapa kering
1 cawan kacang walnut, cincang

Bahan-bahan untuk Cream Cheese Frosting:
100 g mentega – akak guna 80 g je
125 g cream cheese
1 camca teh jus lemon
2 camca besar gula aising

Cara membuat kek lobak merah :
Panaskan oven pada suhu 180C, lenser tin berukuran 9 inci x 9 inci x 3 inci dengan sedikit minyak, alas dasar tin dengan kertas minyak.
Dalam satu bekas, masukkan telur, minyak jagung dan gula, kacau dengan whisk hingga sebati selama 5 minit.
Masukkan bahan2 diayak tadi dan gaul perlahan hingga sebati.
Masukkan nenas, lobak merah parut, kelapa kering dan walnut tadi.
Gaul rata menggunakan spatula hingga mesra.
Tuang dalam tin dan bakar selama 50 minit - 1 jam atau hingga masak.
Sejukkan kek atas jaringan sebelum disapu dengan cream cheese tadi.
Simpan kek dalam peti sejuk jika tidak habis dimakan.

Untuk Cream Cheese Frosting :
Putar cream cheese dan mentega hingga sebati, masukkan gula aising dan jus lemon, terus memutar hingga gebu dan halus. 
Gunakan kelajuan sederhana.
Boleh sapu atas kek tadi dan hias ikut suka...

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